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From March 13 until April 25
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Welcome to Chip-to-Cloud Security Forum!

In its third edition, Chip-to-Cloud Security Forum brings together the full value chain of digital security to address the rising threats of our mobile and connected world.


Academics and private researchers, security experts, trusted services providers, standardization bodies, associations join this independent collaboration and information-sharing platform as they share a common vision: advancing end-to-end digital security.


At the conference, over 60 security experts from both Academia and Industry will present and discuss the latest trusted technologies ready to be integrated in embedded, mobile, M2M, IoT and Cloud environments.


The Forum offers the opportunity to widen knowledge and network with 300 high-level participants. And within World Smart Week, it adds great networking and forward-thinking opportunities with the attendees of three global conferences dedicated to contactless/mobile, e-ID and M2M services.

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60 speakers share expertise to build trust in digital services

During 2.5 days and along 10+ tracks, the conference invites the whole digital security community to enhance its threat intelligence.

60 eminent security experts from Academia and Industry will share and discuss original ideas, groundbreaking results, new techniques, new methodologies, new research directions, etc. in a wide range of topics: from the foundations such as cryptography, hardware security mechanisms and embedded software security technologies, including end user verification by biometry, to the latest developments of security services delivered through the Cloud.
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"Smart Solutions Show", live innovation in 4 dimensions
For 2.5 days, take the opportunity to source innovation, seek business and network with the market leaders and innovators that are building our "trusted mobile life".
50 exhibitors will make demos in e-ID, contactless/proximity, M2M, and digital security technologies and showcase state-of-the-art smart devices and solutions in these fields.  This gathering of market leaders and innovators coming from complementary markets makes the "Smart Solutions Show", unique!
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Trusted Mobile Life Now: 4 Conferences & Their Show
As part of World Smart Week, Chip-to-Cloud Security Forum benefits from synergies of contents and attendance with three co-located conferences plus a 50-booth exhibition. 1700 participants overall from 75 countries will converge at this global meeting of contactless/mobile, e-ID, M2M and digital security industries. From Sept. 22 to 25, 2014, World Smart Week features:
- Chip-to-Cloud Security Forum

- World e-ID Congress

- NFC World Congress

- M2M Innovation World Congress
- the Smart Solutions Show
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